Rahier offers a variety of tarts, freshly prepared on the premises. From simply delicious to gorgeously decadent, we have something for every occasion.

Our French lemon tart is a beautiful balance of sweet and tart - rich and creamy lemon curd in a shortbread crust, decorated with elegant simplicity. Have it topped with perfect peaks of creamy Italian meringue!


Not to be forgotten are our wildly popular fresh fruit tarts, a mix of fresh fruit or fresh berries artfully arranged atop tutti cream, in a shortbread crust. This jewel-like dessert will brighten any dining table.


Transport yourself to Europe with our baked tarts. In the traditional French style, Rahier’s own flaky puff pastry is topped with different choices of fruit set in custard or almond cream. Look for pear, apple, and apricot year round, and find seasonal variations, such as fig and plum.


Try it yourself at home! Rahier’s own puff pastry dough is sold raw in 500gr blocks. Available frozen in-store, or fresh, if ordered several days in advance.


Also available: Tarte Tatin, Tarte Bretonne, Gateau Basque.


All tarts are available in 4 and 6 servings; some can be made to serve 8, and must be ordered in advance. Contact the store for more information.


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