Viennoiseries & Croissants


Whether you are craving the simplicity of a buttery, flaky croissant or are in search of the perfect chocolate croissant, you will find these and so much more to choose from at Rahier. Our Kitchen bakes a wide array of delicious European pastries daily, using traditional methods and the finest ingredients.


Try one of our best-selling pistachio danishes, or perhaps the custard cream-filled pastry square. Sweet dark cherries on custard, apricot puree in the centre of perfectly puffed pastry, hazelnut, cinnamon, and we’re just getting started! Everyone has a favourite. Find the perfect match to your latte, and try your best to have just one!


Larger quantities can be ordered in advance of your event. Some items are available in miniature as well, ordered by the dozen. Speak with one of our staff to find out more!


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