Cookies and Chocolate Treats


Rahier offers a wide and wondrous selection of European cookies. Visit the store to browse our shelves, where you will find shortbread with raspberry, chocolate, or almonds; tuile cookies - a crisp, sweet wafer with almonds or coconut; hazelnut meringue on dark chocolate; almond biscuits with a caramel-almond center… just to name a few! We also have savoury cheese and puff pastry biscuits, to round out your hors d-oeuvres tray.


Rahier’s filled cookies are sure to please. Our pastry chefs craft these sweet little delights following traditional methods and using only the best ingredients. Filled with either buttercream or ganache, you will find flavours of chocolate, lemon, almond, pistachio, linzer filled with raspberry, hazelnut, and the list goes on!  Our filled cookies are available boxed for the perfect hostess gift, or loose by selection. Our highly skilled Pastry Chefs are masters in chocolate, treating us to an array of chocolately delights. Try our intensely delicious chocolate-dipped candied orange peel, or ginger! You can also find Florentins, Mendiants and bars of housemade white, milk, and dark chocolate, available in-store. Don’t miss our truffles, appearing seasonally in a divine range of flavours at Christmas and Easter.

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